Resume Tips For An Administrative Assistant

Making a resume for any job position requires a skill. Every company has their own list of job specifications which is why the resume of an administrative assistant differs from profession to profession. There are some key features that are same in this job description. Stated below are the tips for writing a resume for an administrative assistant position-:

1) Presentation – Anyone applying for this position has to take care of formatting as well as presenting resume in a proper manner. This job position consists of setting up documents and changing text in MS Word software, with this an employer can know your skills while reading the resume. Focus on writing clearly and in bullet points helps your resume to get highlighted as a professional and this displays your capabilities.

2) Academics and Training – Since myriad number of applicants are posting for this job, that is why an employer has to eliminate resumes based on the criteria of academics and training. If you have practical training in this field then it can help you to get listed for the position. If you have any educational qualifications or you were acknowledged for anything in your school or college then write about it that can help you to stand out from the rest.

3) Experience – An experienced administrative assistant will be given more importance, as the employers want that their assistant should have proper knowledge about their work and shouldn’t require much guidance. Pointing out about the previous job experience, skills acquired in a particular area helps to illustrate your ability of multitasking as well as being a team player.

4) Extraordinary Abilities – List all your unique skills in a resume, as it plays an important role in a selection. Make a separate section known as “Skills” in your resume and write about “personal skills” as well as “computer skills”,as this takes the attention of the employer to your capabilities and qualities. Also mentioning a problem from your previous job experience and writing how you applied your skills to solve the problem, demonstrates your expertise in a practical work environment.


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